We can offer:

  • Excursions, information, courses, seminars and lectures.
  • Facilities for students and scientists visiting the Smøla wind farm. 
  • Wind energy show room.
  • NVES are situated within the biggest wind farm in Norway, the Smøla wind farm. We work in close cooperation with the power company, Statkraft, running the wind farm. The site is the preferred power-plant for excursions and courses on wind energy in Norway.

We offer information on wind energy to all visitors, groups or singles, to the Smøla wind farm. Each year we host groups of students, teachers, scientists, politicians, environmental organizations and other NGO`s, tourists etc.  We have facilities to welcome groups of up to 150 persons.


Lectures in energy focusing on renewables and excursions in the Smøla wind farm.


Planning and guiding of excursions within the power plant ass well as lectures in renewable energy focusing on wind. Our lectures include technical, economical, political, social end environmental aspects of wind energy. We work in cooperation with organisations like Statkraft, NTNU and NINA.


All excursions, lectures and information is free of charge.

Visitor center Smøla wind farm

Visitor center Smøla wind farm

Energy students: Every year we host energy students from the university of Trondheim for a two-day excursion to Smøla focusing on renewable energy.
Scientists: In our new and modern offices we have the facilities to host scientist conduction work in the Smøla wind-power plant.
Politicians: We organize and host excursions for politicians visiting Smøla to learn more about wind energy.